7-fold winner of the Kitchen Innovation of the Year award

In 2013, Bauknecht is once again delighted to have itsproducts honoured by the KitchenInnovation of the Year award. The domestic appliance manufacturer racked up a total of seven of the coveted ‘LifeCare’ Initiative awards, including a Best of the Best for the innovative induction oven – which, for the first time, makes it possible to use induction technology in an oven. Its economical consumption and unique technology convinced the jury of its worthiness of this special award.

Best of the Best – the Bauknecht induction oven

Theinduction oven is part of the multi-appliance GreenKitchen resource-saving concept, Using induction technology in an oven makes Bauknecht revolutionise the market. It is not only adding a proven technology to oven features – the taste experience of food being prepared with induction cooking is also unique: In combination with a grill, the heat is distributed optimally throughout the oven cavity, providing perfect baking and cooking results every time.The first induction oven on the market is also highly flexible: In induction mode with the supplied induction tray and induction pot, the oven saves up to 50 per cent of time and energy compared to a normal oven without induction technology. But the appliance can also be used as a normal oven with the usual broad range of cooking functions. In the product benefit, innovation, functionality, design and ecology categories, the induction oven scored highest of all amongst entrants, thus securing the ‘Best of the Best’ Gold Award 2013.

Charismatic Black Collection – Technology at its Best

The sophisticated built-in appliances of the KOMFORT BlackLine range in glossy black fit perfectly into any kitchen and boast timeless elegance, especially when combined with dark kitchen furniture. The appliances' high-quality appearance is achieved with a special black mirror-coated glass; SCHOTT SeeClear® glass was originally developed for architectural use, and gives these Bauknecht appliances a unique look. The additional product benefit and functionality of the appliances also won over the KitchenInnovation of the Year Award jury. A total of four BlackLine products won awards: the oven, the combi steamer, the combi microwave and the design hood are ‘award-winning products’ for 2013.

No-one need to get their hands dirty pre-rinsing dishes any more with the 7 litre dishwasher from Bauknecht: The PowerClean+ technology eliminates the hassle of pre-rinsing heavily soiled pots and pans. The GreenIntelligence™ sensors automatically detect how dirty the crockery is and the PowerClean+ jets adjust their pressure accordingly. The result are perfectly clean dishes using only 7 litres1 of water. Thanks to the extremely efficient motor, the appliance consumes up to 20% less energy2, thus achieving an A++ energy rating. Other features of the 7-litre dishwasher include the new ProSpace cutlery drawer which creates more space for dishes in the lower washing rack, as well as the hygiene programme. It eliminates up to 99.999% of germs and bacteria using heat, perfectly complementing the anti-bacterial Mikroban® protection in the appliance's Hygiene+ filter. The jury of the KitchenInnovation of the Year award judged these features to be worthy of an award

In the standard Bio-Normal 50° C programme

In comparison to the average energy consumption of a Bauknecht A-rated energy class dishwasher



About the Kitchen Innovation Award

The Kitchen Innovation Award is presented annually by the initiative "LifeCare - Better Life" award, which has set itself the goal to promote quality, functionality and innovation of products that will increase the quality of life significantly. Under the auspices of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, the initiative seeks for products that are particularly consumer-oriented in the categories of kitchen furniture and equipment, electrical appliances, small size electrical appliances, cookware and kitchen appliances as well as kitchen accessories. Unique and special, the award is presented as "Kitchen Innovation of the Year" upon its two-stage process: assessment of the products made by a competent panel of experts and the consumers themselves.